A New Humanity

Mental health is always influenced by the context around people. The family they grew up in, the living conditions they exist in, the societal structure they participate in, and cultural or religious beliefs. It is not enough to try to address wellbeing on a physical or mental level without closely examining the context in which you live your life.

Of late, much of the negative aspects of our New Zealand life have been pushed up to the surface for all to see. No-one can deny now that we have problems with poverty, homelessness, environmental degradation, mental health and suicide, methamphetamines, and a massive and widening gap between the rich and the poor.


When we focus on this context it might seem like things are hopeless. After all, with all our knowledge and achievements as a species, why are we still living like this? Focusing on everything that is going wrong can start us down a spiral of sadness that can be difficult to move from if we can’t see a way forward.

Albert Einstein once said:
“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”


We are at a juncture in our development where it is time for us to move beyond the level of consciousness where these problems were created.
We may not feel responsible for these issues, as we were not the politicians that developed certain policies, we were not the people who designed the financial system that perpetually benefits very few. We are responsible for how we choose to live our own lives though. And that might seem like a small thing, but it is actually everything.
Dramatic change for the better will not be forced upon us by an outside source that has each of our best interests in mind. We are the ones who will be the change for the better in this world, and it comes from each of us reaching within ourselves and discovering the truth of who we are and the gift of life that we have in our hands.
We are not an accident of creation. Yes humanity has made many mistakes, but we also hold depths of love and compassion that can transform the world. When we open our hearts, we effect change. Opening our hearts in the face of difficult problems shifts us from being stuck in “whose fault it is” and into acceptance and acknowledgement of the entirety of the issue. It is from this space that we can truly begin to understand how things developed, and what is needed for true change.

Consciousness rises when we open our hearts. 

It is tempting to think we can raise our level of consciousness solely with the mind. By reading the right material, or even learning how to quiet the mind with meditation. While learning how to see beyond thought is part of developing conscious awareness, opening the heart is where we begin to truly understand, and raises us to a new level.
It feels to me like we as a species have reached our tipping point in realising that how we have lived was unsustainable and destructive for ourselves as well as the earth. Now it is clean up time, and we each have a role to play in creating the world we wish to live in. Whether that is finding new ways around using plastic and sharing this with others, starting a garden, giving more time to your children so they can enjoy basking in your love, starting a business or charity, collaborating with others or reaching out to your community to contribute in some way, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
For all the differences there are between people, most can agree they want to live in peace, with health, wellbeing, a healthy environment and everyone having enough. Let’s do what we can to bring this to life. We each have a part to play. Whatever opens your heart and brings you to life is your path.

Let no-one tell you what that is supposed to look like, because your heart is the only compass that will show you where you need to go! <3