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Growing Self-Love


Cultivating self-love is like growing as a flower.

The Earth that the flower stands on is the same earth we stand on as human beings, created by the same magnificent force that created all of the beauty of nature around us. Accepting the truth that we are part of this breathtaking and perfect system of nature means that we are just the way we are meant to be. No two flowers are exactly the same.

The Sun is the bright energy we are basking in. Reaching up toward it is doing what makes us happy. Recognising and using the gifts that we have been given.

The Water is the nourishment we give ourselves- the food, the naps, the swims in the sea, the time with people we love.

We go within to dig our roots down deep so that when the storms come, we are anchored.

We are all magnificent beings, part of the natural world that is so perfect, nothing that the mind could come up with can come close to creating it. We have no need to strive. We are already all that we need to be. When we do what really brings us to life, life supports us.



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