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Truth, Courage and Self-Love

Since the Harvey Weinstein case came to light a few weeks ago the #MeToo movement has seen a steady flow of women and men coming forward with their stories about having been sexually harassed or abused by people in power. Now several high-profile Hollywood perpetrators have either stepped down or been fired, and the movement has spread to the American media and government where several more prominent personalities have been forced to apologise and accept the consequences of their actions.

This is a powerful and beautiful moment in history. This movement was not orchestrated by any one person or organisation. It has been given life by women and men stepping forward and courageously telling their stories. For these people to make the choice to speak out, they must first have come to the realisation that they did not deserve to be objectified, pressured, or treated with anything less than complete respect by those they knew and worked with. They know that they are worthy of so much better than that, and are claiming this right and standing up for it.

Their actions are inspiring people around the world to recognise their own inherent worthiness and value. We are seeing a rising of self-love. As a result of this, fear is starting to recede. The fear that no-one would believe them, that their reputation would be the one in tatters, and that no-one would care is lessening by the day. Once this fear was the greatest weapon that perpetrators of sexual abuse could leverage. Those days are coming to an end.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual abuse and would like to meet with a counsellor or psychologist, ACC provides free services for those who have been through this type of abuse in New Zealand and are struggling with the impact of it on their mental wellbeing. Their ‘Find Support’ website where you can look for a therapist in your area is here.

Let’s continue supporting each other through this transition we are making to a world where we love, honour and respect ourselves, each other and the earth.



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